Gone girl

This winter I happened to read Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn.

We can see a story of a couple, married, during their life as a couple, from several perspectives: Nick, the husband, in present time, when his wife disappears, Amy as Diary Amy, his wife, in a sweet and fake diary that presents her life from meeting Nick up to present moment, and Real Amy, the Amy that disappeared, with her real thoughts and insights.

The story starts with Amy’s disappearance, and slowly we discover what kind of people they both are. Nick is the general type of man, enjoying his life, in solitude or together with someone, not too talkative, not too eager to share his feelings or to understand women and his wife.

Diary Amy starts by presenting herself as the exact type of woman that men always dreamed of: a woman that is self-sufficient, does not need special attention, can handle herself, eager to please her man, without trying to control anyone or to blame or to enforce or change her husband. She calls herself the ‘Cool Girl’, the dream of every man, which she can be if she wants to, but not indefinitely.

Amy’s disappearance turns into a detective story, the police and the people in the town start to find clues and to consider what has happened with Amy. Nick starts to follow the treasure hunt clues that Amy has always prepared for their anniversary, and following those we discover several facts: Nick was having an affair with a very young woman, cheating on Amy for more than a year. Amy was being very distant and cold, and their marriage was falling apart. They lost their jobs, moved from New York City to a small village in Missouri, next to Nick’s parents. Amy’s parents lost all their money and were performing very bad in their business.

Nick is seen by everyone, police, people, in-laws, as the one responsible for Amy’s disappearance/death.

Nick starts to uncover the reality behind Amy’s act: Amy is the villain here, she manipulates everyone, fakes evidence, plans very thoroughly to frame her husband for murder. She does everything in her power to make the police think she is dead and Nick killed her. She even hurts herself such that the police finds her blood in their house.

Nick manages to make Amy believe that he is really sorry and that he was punished enough for his sins, through television interviews, which he was sure that Amy was watching.

Amy is attacked and loses all her money, which makes her show herself to an ex boyfriend, who takes her into his home, caring for her. She deceives the ex boyfriend, Desi, seduces him , hurts herself, kills him and frames him for kidnapping, rape, and returns to Nick.

Nick finds himself in a very awkward position, he knows what is going on, but he cannot prove anything, and the police believes Amy, as all evidence is showing exactly what she wants to show.

Amy wants the perfect husband, and she is willing to do anything to obtain that. She is willing to forgive Nick for everything that she thinks he did bad in her marriage, and to have him as a puppy husband, exactly what she always opposed about women holding leashes on men: dancing monkeys.

Nick just wants to escape this life, to get rid of Amy, as she is very dangerous and he is always scared about what she is capable of.

Amy decides to impregnate herself with Nick’s previously saved sperm bank, such that she will have permanent and total control over him, by having full control of his son, the son that Nick always dreamed of.

The novel is dark, shows the depth of human psyche, of what people are capable of, to achieve revenge, to achieve power, to control and to feel strong. Amy is the total absolute psycho type, brilliant, but very dark and willing to sacrifice anything to achieve what she wants.

Nick is a more regular type of man, but having his weaknesses, is exploited totally by Amy, in becoming whatever she decides him to be.

Gone girl is a good novel, showing a few interesting aspects about life: our desire and expectation from our life partner, how to obtain happiness, and if this happiness can be truly achieved, or it’s only the thing in our mind that makes us happy, and the things we create about our life partner, and the shape we deal to the couple relationship, and the most significant other.

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