In another life

I read In another life by Marc Levy.

The novel is a bit about psychology, a bit about painting, a bit about love, in an interesting mix, with a cinema allure.

We get to know Jonathan, a painting expert, who is about to get married, a man dedicated to his passion for Vladimir Radskin, a fictional Russian painter. Jonathan is the type of man who lost most of his love in the couple, but he will go on with a marriage in which he does not fit much. He dedicated most of his times in studying paintings, and finding the lost masterpiece of Radskin is one of the most wanted goals in his life.

Things change when his friend Peter finds an exposition in London for Radskin’s paintings, but with one more than all his known works. Exploring the possibility of finding the missing painting, Jonathan starts a lifetime adventure, meeting the woman of his life, and of his previous lives.

He meets Clara, who owns the paintings, and during a week in London, they fall in love together. They are both afraid to act on one another, especially Jonathan who is engaged to be married in short time.

The plot unfolds with the fact that everyone has lived the same love story again and again in previous lives, Jonathan meeting Clara in London where Radskin used to work, they unfold the last years in the painter’s life, including the fact that Radskin had a wife named Clara, a daugher named Clara, and his master piece, The woman in red dress.

Jonathan and Clara relive a love story that was done over and over in their previous lives, which most of the times failed, which started with Radskin, and his paintings, and the fact that Radskin’s protector failed in his quest for power and protecting his daughters.

We find out that Jonathan’s fiancee is also involved, in a great masterplan to break Jonathan for meeting Clara, their get-together, and trying to force him to marry her, by blackmailing him with ruining his career and Peter’s.

We find out that his fiancee’s mother is a reincarnation of Clara’s stepmother, the evil mastermind that wants to break the cycle of reliving the same story.

She manages to fatally poison Clara, and force Jonathan to marry her daughter, but Jonathan will take the poison and wait for another life to be with his lover.

In a dark Romeo and Juliet theme, their current life ends, but the end of the novel gives us hope, that they meet again, in front of Radskin’s painting, this time to fulfill their love.

In another life is an interesting cinema story, with a good start, but in my opinion, rushed and exaggerated towards the end. I was hoping to see more of a metaphor than of real fantasy, but, a good travel read with a bit of emotion.

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