What is mine

Today’s topic is What is mine by Anne Holt.

What is mine is a pure nordic crime novel, a book that doesn’t make you think too much, but fun and intriguing to read. I am not a big fan of crime novels, but because I read what gets into my hands, I will present you my insights about “What is mine”.

The main character, Johanne Vik, is a teacher in her forties, divorced, with a small child, and rather strange relationship with her former husband. Unfortunately she is the model of partly life-loser, a woman who did not manage to achieve neither a great professional success, neither on her personal plane, the family. She is a model for the 21st century woman, pursuing so many things, career and family, and being unsuccessful in both. However, she has her aces in her sleeves, she is a good psychologist, a good teacher, and a good investigator.

The model of the villain is a troubled man, like in most crime novels, a justitiary, a punisher, a man who wants to pay back his former lovers for what he considers he was mistreated with. Most of them have a happy life, have a family and kids, while our villain has nothing that can please him. He is very ingenuous, knows a bit of medicine, deceit, and how to play with the authorities and the mind of the people.

In the landscape we also have Stubo, a man who has been badly struck by fate, both his wife and daughter died in a horrible and stupid accident, and he is stuck with a pity about himself and with a nephew he can’t grow alone. He finds Johanne attractive, but his pity of himself, advanced age and bad looks make him feel terrible only thinking about it. He finds an obsession with Johanne by truly believing in her being able to help him solve his case. Even though she consistently refuses to help him, he insists and in the end manages to get her helping him.

The last piece of the puzzle is an old convict, Aksel Seier based on a true story, a man who was blamed for other people’s actions, but not powerful enough to prove himself innocent, and not willpowered enough to deny what is happening to him, accepting the blame other people have been putting on his shoulders.

Everybody in the novel is displeased with themselves, tired of being oneself, having missed life’s great opportunities and never been able to achieve their dreams or fulfill their desires. Aksel is the victim, a man who pays for the future sins of his own son he never meets, Johanne is the losing woman, Stubo is a deception, a man struck so bad by fate that he can only find consolation by solving crime mysteries.

The criminal is found, and the atrocities one person can make, as usual, always make me ask how believable life is, how believable the facts are, if the world Anne Hold proposes is veridic, and if somewhere in the real life there are such kind of persons. You could call me naive, but I prefer not to believe in this, as I rather have a restful sleep. Otherwise, my nights would be terrible.

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