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I just like to read books. Thought it might be interesting to remind myself of what I have been reading in the past. My articles are not teasers for books. My articles are not resumes of books. What my articles are, they are personal opinions. Usually I expect people to have read the book before looking on my opinion. That doesn’t mean you won’t get an idea about the book though. I don’t say I am right, I may be very wrong in what I say. It’s just my opinion and that’s it. Feel free to comment to my posts saying if you agree or not with what I say.

I read 20th and 21st century books. Not very old, not many very new either. I get books from wherever I can. If you can’t find a title you would like to read, and you are near my location, I can borrow you, in exchange.

Leave me a comment below if you want to contact me.

This is a blog about how I feel the experience of others, expressed in their books. Feel free to read, I won’t be upset if you don’t though.

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